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Our Vision

Wyong Town Centre is a not for profit organisation administered through Wyong Regional Chamber of Commerce which allocates and manages the funds collected by Central Coast Council from commercial property owners within a designated area in Wyong Township.

The vision of Wyong Town Centre is to develop Wyong CBD and surrounding areas, through progressive and innovative actions in conjunction with major stakeholders, into a bustling centre of enterprise for business and the community. The organisation forms partnerships within the community, business and government sectors to market and promote Wyong Town Centre for the benefit of the local business community, we aim to promote and develop the Wyong area as a desirable commercial investment opportunity, as an attractive shopping area, and as a vibrant and popular tourist destination

What does Wyong Town Centre Do?

  • Promote the economic development of Wyong Town Centre
  • Market and Promote Wyong Town Centre
  • Organise and manage promotional events within and around Wyong area for the purpose of improving the market penetration of Wyong CBD and its traders
  • Issue contracts and permits through the powers delegated by the Central Coast Council to Wyong Town Centre Management pursuant to its agreement

The core role of the Town Centre coordinator is to improve Wyong Town Centre through events, festivals, town maintenance works and security, to encourage business retention and new businesses to fill vacant premises.
Please visit ourĀ Calendar of Events.


Wyong Town Centre is concerned with providing clean & safe retail precincts for shoppers & visitors. We currently provide supplementary cleaning, gardening & graffiti removal to compliment the existing service provided by Central Coast Council.

In conjunction with this initiative Wyong Town Centre encourages all business and commercial property owners to do all that they can to make sure their premises are kept clean and tidy.

Promotion and Marketing

Wyong Town centre aims to promote, foster and develop the area as a desirable commercial investment opportunity, as an attractive shopping area and as a vibrant and popular tourist destination, provide pro-active, positive and creative solutions to aid and assist the organisation to devise and/or deliver cost effective promotional activities and events.

Wyong Town centre aims to facilitate co-operation between business, government and community bodies for the benefit of the Wyong community.


We also inform local business owners via regular emails. If you would like to be included on our mailing list please please contact us.

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